Frequently Asked Questions

*** All desks shipped to Canada will be charged a duty fee at the time of delivery. It is typically $95-$108 CAD.***

When will my ERGDESK ship?

There is a 3 week lead time for all desks. ERGDESKs are made more by the hands of man than by the workings of a machine, so please be patient with us. If you want an exact timeframe, please contact us. 

The current shipping lead time will always be printed on the banner on the top of the home page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have shipped to Denmark, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, okay, maybe not Zimbabwe yet, but if you're reading this from Zimbabwe, please place an order!

There are several international shipping options available at checkout. UPS and DHL are our favorite. 

Is the ERGDESK sturdy?

Yes. It mounts to the handlebars to provide a stable platform for getting things done!

How does the Butter Board Typestation work?

Once the ERGDESK is strapped onto the handlebars, the Butter Board slides onto the ERGDESK. The Butter Board is adjustable in and out and is best for typing, writing and doing work in the upright position.

How hard is it to mount to the bike?

Mounting your ERGDESK is very simple. It can be done in under 30 seconds and goes on and off the bike easily. Please follow our Instagram page for a video example of this by the legendary Coach Mike Burgener.

 Does the ERGDESK only work with the Concept 2 BikeERG?

Yes. At this time, all of our models are specific to the Concept 2 BikeERG only. If you have recommendations for desks for other fitness equipment. If you recently purchased a new Concept 2 BikeERG and need instructions on how to mount the desk, please check out our Instagram page or please contact us.